Asset Inventory

Upon initial contact with Sustenta, we will request an asset inventory detailing approximate specification and quantities of equipment to be disposed.

From the asset inventory, we will advise of any residual value in the equipment used to offset the disposal costs. In cases where the asset inventory carries sufficient value and depending on the quality of the equipment , we may be able to rebate our customer with up to 30% of the market value after offsetting the disposal costs. Any rebate calculated will be confirmed at this point and will be guaranteed to the customer within 60 days of collection date. We will always provide our customer with an accurate expectation of any revenues to be returned before any project is commenced.

In the event that there is little or no residual value, we will always endeavour to offer a completely zero cost disposal service, however certain inventories will attract a charge due to the costs of involved in responsible disposal.

We understand that in many cases IT departments do not have the time to carry out the inventory of their equipment. In these cases, Sustenta can attend the site and carry out the inventory on our customers' behalf.