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3 weeks until carrier bag charges in Wales
9th September 2011.

In an attempt to drastically reduce the number of bags given away in Wales, the Welsh Government has decided that from 1st October 2011, all shops will be required to charge a minimum of 5p on all single use carrier bags.
In 2009, Welsh shoppers took home an estimated 350 million carrier bags from the major supermarkets. Most of these are used only once, and end up in landfill. The minimum 5p charge should be enough to reduce how many bags are given out without creating a burden.
80per cent of British shoppers use single use carrier bags for all of their shopping. We tend to use them only once, meaning a UK shopper could use 720 bags a year or 43,000 in an average lifetime.
To avoid being charged for carrier bags, shoppers are encouraged to take their own shopping bags when doing shopping.
The charge is expected to raise between 2 to 3 million pounds a year, all of which will be donated to good causes (preferrably Environmental causes) across Wales, directly by the retailers.