Our Ethos

Zero IT to landfill. today.
We believe that no IT need end up landfill in today's age. In treating IT equipment in the right way, we can prevent IT ending up in landfill, and refurbish higher percentages of IT to enter them back into the market.

Our processes work on the simple basis of bringing sustainability of IT equipment to businesses in an easy and affordable way. We make this possible through the following key approaches:

The legislation is 100% clear. With WEEE legislation, the Data Protection Act and other legislation impacting on the disposal of IT equipment, it is imperative that companies select carefully who they use for IT disposal. Legislative compliance is at the fore-front of what we do, and by understanding these legal requirements, we ensure complete compliance through best practice procedures.

With environmental legislation becoming an increasing consideration in running any business, we aim to encourage positive working, socially, ethically and environmentally. We are not only responsible for the negative impacts our business has on these factors, but we also consider ourselves responsible for encouraging positive impacts in our immediate and global communities. We consider our vision aspirational, and we continually work towards this.

Our processes are designed specifically to operate at the highest level of security, legislative compliance, and efficiency. We work in a stream-lined way to minimise costs, and negative impacts on our surrounding environment by continually reviewing our processes and their short and long term impacts. We believe our processes can positively impact business relationships, communities and our overall commitment to the shared values we have with our community.