Is Your Business Compliant?

Finding a reputable disposal company is vital to ensure your company is disposing of its IT equipment responsibly and legally. Since the introduction of the WEEE directive in 2007, hundreds of computer recycling / IT disposal companies have been formed to meet the increasing demand of recycling the UKs redundant IT equipment.

It has also become clear that while the majority of these companies are compliant, there is an increasing trend of corrupt IT disposal companies blatantly flouting the WEEE directive and placing its clients at risk of prosecution. We have compiled the following checklist to ask your current/prospective IT disposal company. We have also noted the documentation you should receive when handing over any redundant IT equipment.

1. Do they have a Waste Carrier license?
They are legally required to have a Waste Carrier license.

2. Do they have a Waste Management license / T11 exemption to treat WEEE?
They are legally required to have a Waste Management license /T11 exemption to treat WEEE issued by the Environment Agency.

3. Can they provide sample WEEE documentation?
Your disposal company must provide you with a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note and a Duty of Care Transfer Note. Both the forms have to be signed by the customer and the disposal company on the day of collection.
Ask any prospective disposal company to forward you samples of the forms they provide. If they cannot or will not supply these forms we strongly suggest you look at an alternative company.

4. Can they provide a sample Audit trail/ Asset report?
Any reputable IT disposal company will provide you with an asset report providing you with full processing details of equipment collected. The Audit trail / Asset report will include:

  • Equipment make & model
  • Equipment specification
  • Serial number
  • Customer asset number
  • Grade or condition
  • Disposal method for all items
  • Percentage of raw materials recycled

  • 5. Do they provide CESG approved data destruction certificates?
    Data destruction should be carried out on each hard drive using CESG approved data destruction software; this is the highest recognized standard in the UK. A CESG approved destruction certificate should be issued for every hard drive detailing the drives? make and serial number. Your prospective IT disposal company should provide a sample certificate which is CESG approved.

    6. Do they security check their staff?
    In terms of sensitive data on your equipment and access to your business premises, a large amount of trust and responsibility is placed on the IT disposal company, yet very few companies security check their staff at all. Ask your prospective disposal company to confirm their staff vetting arrangements.Our drivers and technical staff are all CRB checked prior to commencing employment.

    7. Are there any hidden costs?
    Some IT disposal companies will try to invoice for added charges which were not explained when booking the collection.

  • Added charges for keyboards, mice and keyboards
  • Added charges for data destruction
  • Added charges for documents such as an Audit trail, Asset report, waste transfer notes as well other documentation which should be included as standard.

  • 8. Do they offer you money back on the residual value of Remarketed equipment?
    The majority of IT disposal companies like to keep quiet the fact that there can be residual value remaining in the equipment - even after the disposal costs have been deducted. Depending on the quality of the equipment we are able to offer our clients 10%-30% of the end value.

    To calculate the end value, we deduct disposal costs from the trade price we will realistically achieve through our brokers.

    Disposal costs will typically include:

  • Collection.
  • Responsible recycling of equipment which is no longer serviceable/beyond economical repair.
  • CESG approved data destruction licensing.
  • Replacement software and reinstallation
  • Refurbishment or upgrade required to achieve best resale value.
  • Other associated disposal costs.

  • In the event that there is little or no residual value, we will always endeavor to offer a completely free disposal service where possible.