On-site data destruction

On-Site data destruction is the safest way to ensure that your data is secure. We utilise the latest hard drive destruction technology to physically destroy your drives within the security of your premises, and as such, you or your staff can oversee the entire process. Once destroyed, there is zero risk of retrieval of data from the hard drive. Carrying out your hard drive destruction On-Site also maintains your compliance with ISO 27001.

This process is the optimal solution to hard drive destruction- There is no harmful dust, minimal noise, ease of location, and a rapid speed of destruction. With minimual disruption to your business, you can be sure that you data is secured quickly and efficiently.

Our trained staff will attend your premises and will destroy your PC, Server, laptop or external hard drives, as well as Data, VHS or cassette tapes, utilising both our state of the art hard drive punch and degaussing equipment.

As standard, we record all hard drive serial numbers prior to destruction which are later compiled into a complete Data Destruction Report certificating the destruction process. Following destruction, hard drives are removed from your site for 100% recycling.

For more information, or to speak to us about your requirements, please call our teasm on 0845 680 5150.