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Welsh councils meet tough waste landfill targets.
4th August 2011.

The Landfill Allowances Scheme's report released on 2nd September 2011 showed that every council in Wales met its target for diverting biodegradeable municipal waste from landfill.
The report released by Environment Agency Wales, showed that as a whole, Wales used less than 73 per cent of its maximum landfill quota for biodegradeable municipal waste.
The Landfill Allowances Scheme, introduces in 2004 is designed to cap the amount of biodegradeable municipal waste going to landfill. The targets are set at 50 per cent of the 1995 landfill figure by 2013, and 35 per cent of the 1995 figure by 2020.
Unlike elsewhere in the UK, every council in Wales runs a kerbside food collection, which is then composted or treated for anaerobic digestion to create biogas which can be used as fuel.
Every Welsh council has an target for the amount of biodegradeable waste it can send to landfill; exceeding these targets can lead to fines.